Richie Onori – Drummer, Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Entrepreneur

Although Richie Onori is best known at the moment as the drummer for The Sweet, the iconic multi-platinum-selling 70’s glam-rock band whose hits include “Fox On The Run”, “Love Is Like Oxygen” and of course, “Ballroom Blitz” and whose unique combination of glitter, hard-hitting rock and harmony-infused pop paved the way for KISS, Motley Crüe, and Def Leppard, and was a major influence on the Eighties rock scene, there is much more to the Richie Onori experience.

Richie is an accomplished guitarist, vocalist, harmonica player and recording artist in his own right. Since 2012, he has released two full-length CDs that emphasize different aspects of Richie’s vision, and several videos as well.

He has done what few other artists have done, which is to use his achievements in the music world as a springboard to business ventures that include his own successful line of guitar straps (Onori Guitar Straps), a fashion line, and Onori Entertainment, a company that is the exclusive US distributor for Albion Amplifiers, designed by the legendary Steve Grindrod, of Marshall Amplifier fame.

This ability to span multiple aspects of music and business – and succeed – is what sets him apart from the mainstream, and puts him in a league of his own. Richie is that rare mix of artist and entrepreneur, whose business experience serves to help him as a successful professional musician, and whose integrity as an artist brings depth, vision and meaning to his business enterprises.

Richie’s boundless energy, positivity, focus and commitment to bringing the best he has to every aspect of his life and work make him someone well worth watching for. For Richie Onori, the journey is just beginning, so hold on tight!